The League Continues : Renurgitated Vs Bruklands Watch Brawlers

Well Ladies and Gentlemen … and miscellaneous, we were joined today by two young teams eager for some bone crunching touchdowns in the second game of the Brooklands league. The action was fraught with the ball often moving between the two teams (and crowd) and whilst each gave as good as they got, the Bruklands Watch Brawlers finally managed to secure a touchdown in the second half.

The Watch successfully pushed through into the opposing half more than once but each time the Nurglites were ready and swiftly denied them. One such attack was amazingly turned around beginning with the warriors, Bells and Clothesline, causing two KOs and a quick snatch by Renurgitated’s number one pest, Spike, to sprint for the touchline but too eager, he left himself unsupported and a quick blitz brought swift retaliation to re-secure the ball. A lot of action but the first half was closed with nothing scored.

From the start of the second half, Renurgitated received and seemed destined to score as they caged the ball and pushed down the left side, almost two close to the side lines. As a result both teams losing a player a piece to a spot of crowd surfing. Within sprinting distance, the pest Spike once again trying to prove himself dashed for the touchdown but he tried going for it one too many times and glory was snatched away with the ball landing in the crowd. Rumours whispered of suspicious figures with trip wire nearby having some involvement but these were quickly quashed. Eager to be involved the crowd threw the ball between themselves a while until the ball ended up in Nurgle’s half. Renurgitated’s over commitment in the opposing half was capitalised on by a quick pass to ‘Visit the Infidel/Ungodly with Explanatory Phamplets’, (what a mouthful!), who singularly ran for his life towards the Nurgle touchline.

Nurgle in true style forgot they were in the middle of a game and started to smash into the humans with abandon. Visit the infidel, etc, etc, continued to sprint until a quick shoulder check confirmed that no-one was actually following and decided to take a quick rest on the touchline. Finally one pest realising that the ball deserved some attention made chase, however opportunity along the way proved a distraction too much and he jumped head first into a nearby blitz instead. Visit and ball continued to hover near the touchline until both felt overly neglected and collectively meandered over the line to conclude the game 1-0.

Here’s what the head coaches had to say:

Bruklands: “It was a tough game and all allegations of a pestigor’s shoe laces being tied and/or the use of pixies with a trip wire being employed will be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated … by us … the watch … case closed.”

Renurgitated: “What?! We didn’t win? I’m sure we won, I mean we sent the most players off the pitch, not as many stayed off as we’d have preferred but in anyone’s eyes how can that be seen as a loss. Ball……? Aw nuts …. get that mic out of my face.”


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